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Popham, SO213BE
A303 Eastbound, Andover Road


Barzahlung Kartenterminal DKV

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Treibstoff Preis
Unleaded 1,338 £/L
Дизелово гориво Diesel 1,288 £/L

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Erika Frank
Google Places© на 25.07.2020

Mérhetetlen mocsok, szemét, bűz... Embertelen

uday padia
Google Places© на 05.05.2020

Worst place to shop n fuel. Rip off in price. Out of date n expired products, horrible unpleasant staff except Gregg's staff which is good. Never stop here, stinky toilet, no toilet rolls, no water, just worst place to stop even in emergency

Hugh Johnson
Google Places© на 18.03.2020

Pumps were very accessible and not cumbersome in the slightest. When I went in to pay the person serving me was very helpful and we exchanged some pleasantries which was nice. Some people are too busy for that in this day and age but not the servers here

Google Places© на 16.03.2020

Clean and tidy, enough pumps everything you'd need. Toilets ok. Greggs; we had to queue as when we arrived both staff were out the back. Good level of stock but the food was cold and we weren't given the opportunity of having it heated. Despite this the vegan steak bakes are brill. Definitely recommend.

Emily Luijbregts
Google Places© на 26.02.2020

Quick, fast service. Staff are friendly. Toilets could be improved

Alan Bond
Google Places© на 09.02.2020

Good petrol station and good for a quick food drink stop on a journey

Barbara Pearce
Google Places© на 10.01.2020

It's what you expect but able to bring dog

Phil Cooper
Google Places© на 08.01.2020

Accessible but expensive compared with other local petrol stations

Matthew Young
Google Places© на 11.12.2019

Fuel, food and toilets, no complaints.

Hiraa Ali
Google Places© на 22.10.2019

Excellent service. Had everything we needed. Staff very friendly and helpful. Clean and neat. Well looked after.

Ali salman butt
Google Places© на 11.10.2019

Nice staff and open 24 hours for public to use toilet and for quick snack.

Clive Marshall
Google Places© на 09.09.2019

It's a filling station. Toilet and shopping. Accepts Key Fuel Card for HGV.

Pritesh Bhatt
Google Places© на 06.08.2019

Limited place to park the Subway only had two selection of bread

Ian Letts
Google Places© на 21.06.2019

Don't use the toilets, it's a case of wipe your feet on the way out. The rest of the service station and staff are really good

Leanne White
Google Places© на 17.06.2019

Didnt stop for fuel, just a pit stop and was going to get food until I saw how grim the one working toilet was....

Paul Hinchey
Google Places© на 29.05.2019

Good service.

Marian Oprea
Google Places© на 14.04.2019

As usual good service and fuel that is better than supermarket's.

Marian Oprea
Google Places© на 14.04.2019

As usual good service and fuel that is better than supermarket's.

Ben Kelly
Google Places© на 17.03.2019

4 coffee vendors. All of them shut. 4:30pm on a Sunday. What year is it???

Alex Sim
Google Places© на 26.11.2018

It sells petrol in a station (there is also diesel and other items, the choice is vast).

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