Fuelo is your most knowledgeable travel companion, who:

  • Keeps you informed about the current prices of fuel, the road conditions, etc.
  • Has the most precise map of petrol stations in Europe and gives you current information about the services they offer.
  • Tracks the prices of the most widely-used fuels in Europe every day.
  • Offers a statistical and graphic history of fuel prices over a 3-year period.
  • Has a website and apps for Android and iOS, which direct you to the closest place to get your prefered fuel at the best price.

The information platform www.fuelo.net (Fuelo) is a project by a team of young specialists. Our goal is for Fuelo to be as helpful and easy to use as possible. We hope that we can make your journeys the most economical, fastest and safest they have ever been with our website and apps!

You can plan your travels with the faithful companion Fuelo, by using the current website or downloading the mobile apps for Android or iOS. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.