I. General Terms

The current conditions define the rights and obligations of the users of the website www.fuelo.net. A user of the website is any person who entered the electronic address in the browser or reached the Site through redirection from another website.

By using the Site you affirm that you are acquainted with the current Terms and Conditions and every action or passive activity on your part, performed after the website fuelo.net has loaded in your browser is a statement that you agree unconditionally to the current Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of use unconditionally and without restrictions, please leave the Site.

II. Content Ownership

The website and its whole content including, but not limited to the entire database, text and all images (hereafter referred to as Content) are the property of Fuelo Ltd., which owns all intellectual and industrial property rights over the Site and its Content. These rights are protected by laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and the unauthorised use of the Content is a criminal offence subject to civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the Bulgarian legislature in force.

The use of any Content, apart from that which is not in conflict with the current Terms and Conditions, without the express written permission of the owner of the Content is strictly forbidden. Fuelo Ltd. will use all legal means at its disposal, including judicial proceedings, to protect its rights and interests.

III. Conditions of Use of the Website

You may view and save Content to a storage device only if it is to be used for non-commercial and personal purposes and provided that you maintain all copyright references to the Content.

You may not use images of people or places without the express written permission of Fuelo Ltd.

You may not distribute, change (edit), copy (except in the above-mentioned manner), convey, reproduce, publish, let, create secondary materials based on, transfer, sell or use the Content in any way, without the express written permission of Fuelo Ltd.

The use of the Site for the sending or transfer of any illegal, threatening, untrue, misleading, derogatory, defamatory or libellous material or any other content, which constitutes or encourages behaviour, which could be considered a criminal offence, which could engage civil or criminal liability or breach the law in any other way is strictly prohibited.

The Site may contain links to websites, which are owned or run by third parties, and not by Fuelo Ltd. These links were supplied exclusively for your convenience. Fuelo Ltd. has no control and accepts no responsibility for the content, data protection policy or security of these websites.

The Site uses your location, provided by your browser, exclusively in order to offer you information about the petrol stations nearest to you. This information is not recorded and cannot be used for tracking.

All settings on the Site (e.g. preferred fuel type, preferred brands, etc.) are saved in cookies in your browser. If you wish to be “forgotten” by the Site, simply delete the cookies in your browser.

Fuelo Ltd. makes every effort to ensure that the price and petrol station information is accurate at the time of its publishing, but does not guarantee that it is up-to-date. Fuelo Ltd. carries no responsibility for any actions, undertaken on the basis of information published on the Site. Without limiting the aforementioned, Fuelo Ltd. does not guarantee or accept responsibility that the way in which you may use any of the Content will not violate the rights of third parties nor does it guarantee that the Content is correct, complete and up-to-date.

The driving directions are provided by Google©. They are intended for planning purposes only. The results on the map may differ from the current road conditions due to road repairs, heavy traffic, weather conditions and other reasons, which you must take into account when planning your route. You must follow all signs or directions, connected on your route.

IV. User Registration and deletion

The Site offers the possibility to register users by entering a name, surname and email. The registration is voluntary and is not a condition for using the Site.

By registering on the Site users are required to provide full and accurate information, while following the current Terms and Conditions.

Fuelo Ltd. reserves the right to evaluate whether to grant a profile /account/ to the user, and the right to remove or limit user profiles which it deems unacceptable or has reason to suspect are breaching applicable laws and the current Terms and Conditions.

Fuelo Ltd. is an administrator of personal data, registered according to the Law for Protection of Personal Data.

Fuelo Ltd. takes responsibility for the protection of information, containing personal data, provided by online users through the filling-out of registration forms. Revealing of the data is possible only in cases, provided for in the law or the current Terms and Conditions.

By accepting the current Terms and Conditions for use of the Site the user agrees to the processing of their personal data, provided during registration, for the purposes of direct marketing. The user has the right to object to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written message to Fuelo Ltd. at the following email address: .

In order to delete the user's profile, together with all the information about him, the user needs to state this in writing from the email address with which he is registered to .

V. Mobile Applications

Android and iOS applications of the site may be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the AppStore in iTunes. The applications use your location, provided by your browser exclusively in order to offer you information about the petrol stations nearest to you. This information is not recorded and cannot be used for tracking.

The Site sends messages to your mobile device (push notifications) only in case of a change in the price of the fuel selected in Settings. The messages are sent between 9:00 and 19:00 Bulgarian time. In case your phone was switched off or outside of network coverage you may receive the message later.

VI. Change of Terms and Conditions

Fuleo Ltd. may change the current Terms and Conditions at any time and without warning. It is your duty to visit this page periodically in order to acquaint yourself with the updated Terms and Conditions, as they are binding to you.

VII. Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and your use of the Site are governed by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. All issues unresolved in the current Terms and Conditions may be resolved by provisions in the Bulgarian legislature. All disputes arising from, connected to or about these Terms and Conditions, which the parties were unable to resolve through negotiation and by mutual consent are to be referred to the competent Bulgarian authorities.