Business Services

Fuelo offers appealing opportunities for advertising and promoting your business, through the creation and maintenance of a Fuelo profile with information about your site or through direct advertising. As a petrol station owner you can take advantage of the user base of the platform, which consists of over 50 000 monthly users, in order to present and advertise your business.

Fuelo users are among your most regular customers. They travel frequently and have scarce time to decide where to refuel and what additional services to use at the petrol station. You can grab their attention by offering the most complete information possible about your gas station. Clients are interested not only in up-to-date pricing information, but wish to know about promotions and additional services. They would also like to see pictures of your cozy rest area on Fuelo.

We can offer you a consultation, which can help you improve not only your presence on the Fuelo platform, but also your overall marketing strategy! Based on our extensive experience we can advise you about your customers’ preferences, habits and requiremets.